External or Internal w/enclosure?

At this point (based on what’s available) what would be best? An external, or an internal with an enclosure? I need something with +/- DVD DL and DVD-RW, and I want Firewire. I’m tempted to just go with the new Plextor 750UF (it’s so elegant!), but if there are better options out there with internals+encl. then I’ll go with that. I’m under the impression that there’s compatibility issues with external enclosures (something to do with “chipsets”), but please let me know what the deal is. Thanks!

Blu Ray

The Plextor is a good choice. Given a choice between Internal and External, I would go with an Internal. If you go with the external you should consider the following. USB 2.0 or Firewire. USB 2.0 has a max thru-put of 480 and the Firewire is 400. Do the math.

I have four external hard drives connected via USB 2.0 and they work just fine.

Having said that; I do use firewire. I use it to capture digital video to one of my hard drives thru a Canopus ADVC110 which is a Analog to Digital Converter.


USB takes fair bit of processor time away from the main tasks, and adding multiple units to the same node decreases the through-put markedly.

OTOH Firewire makes far less demands on the processor, and you can daisy-chain extra units without substantial loss of bandwidth.

Internal is definitely better than either external option.

FireWire, thumbs up!

you have an external version of the Plextor 750, have a look here:


And, Eric545: this is an exemple where the maths can mistake you, because sometimes you can have situations where 400>480
seems strange, but if you look at the way both USB and Firewire use the ressources and communicate its not tha dif to see why.
At the end, as you refer if you need a continuous stream (like for video) take chef’s suggestion and go firewire.

That’s really not bad:

[B]Interface [B]USB 2.0 / IEEE 1394[/B] (FireWire) [/B]