External or Internal DVD-+RW


Well, I thought that having an external DVD-+RW would be the best thing for me (any many other people out there).
Copy my files (a lot of MB…GB), my movies, to take it where no man has gone before…:stuck_out_tongue:

After that, I check all the stores to find the best for me.
I dont like e-buying so I searched the local (greek) stores.
Too many Pioneer, some Teac, no SONY at that time.

Then I had to finaly decide… in or out … and which one ???


  1. Teac DVD-RW, DV-W50E was for me the best choice.
    Some say Pioneer from inside it is, sure but…
    not from firmware side. ----- 350 euro, good price 2 months

But I also liked mobility, so…

  1. A beautiful EXTRENAL ENCLOSURE BOX for only 35 euro.

So now I have one hell of DVD Recorder ( Full USB 2.0 - Full speed burning 4x ) with no problems so far.

Am I happy???

What do you thing???

:cool: :cool: :cool:

I have an external USB 2.0 enclosure for 5.25-inch drives. It needs an additional adapter which is too heavy and large including the long and thick cable. I don’t think it’s portable enough.