External ND-1300A wont burn, Ideas?

Got the Costco.com External Dual Cendyne thats actually a NEC-1300a. I have a 4 year old sony vaio with 833mhz intell 3 and 512 ram. I have it hooked Firewire cuz my USB is 1.0. Should I return and get the internal Dual? I will be getting a laptop in about 2 months for college and thought having an external DVD burner was a good idea.

Windows Me detects it but when i burned a data CDr in 5 minutes, at 100% it said “Fixation” problem. No clue what that is. Also, I thought I would install the software via the new drive. Well the disc spins in the drive and I can open files and things but when i go to hit the eject button the drawer pops out 1/4 of the way and then back in and then my screen freezes for a little bit. After playing the waiting game nothing happened. So I turned it off fromt he back. I then got a prompt saying that was the wrong way to turn it off. Aftter that I was able to stop the cd from spinning and eject. Any Ideas?

The software I used the Nero Express to make a data disk. I also made a video cd and neither worked. I will try my Adaptec 5 that works on the my sony internal for data and see if it works on the Cendyne. This is a new drive so I havent a clue what the firmware is. Why would I have to updtae that already? Could it be the Khypermedia CD-r’s? They work in the CD burner.


Some of those problems could easily be caused by the media that you’re using. From what I’ve read, the NEC’s compatibility left a lot to be desired. That’s what the hacked firmware is for.

Try some other kinds of media.

currently it is burning a music disk. I will see if that comes out. I trried to do a data cd again but this time I got an Iso969 error i believe.

Will try some memorex sitting in the closest