External Mic jack on newer Camcorders?

I havent yet upgraded from tape to digital video yet.
One of the features I’d like to get…if a jack for an external microphone. Both of my old “tape” camcorders had an internal mic, but also a jack.

I liked this because I record alot of musical/acting performances, and the sound is much better if you can get a mic up close, while the camera can zoom-back to frame-in all the performers on a 20ft wide stage. A few times when I used the internal mic at that distance, you begin to get a spacial-reverb effect, vocalists get drowned-out, and you begin to pick-up audience and background noise.
I need an external mic!. I looked any many in stores and cant find one with a mic input.

Can anyone recommend a current-model digi-cam with average price & features, but has a mic-input?