External Maddog 16X3DVD9 8XE Flashing

External Maddog 16X3DVD9 8XE , I have just bought this external drive and I believe it is an Nec 4550 external rebadged, it comes with a firewire connection and I would like to flash it to L&Ds 1.X5, it has 1.FO now. I was wondering if anyone knew if flashing via firewire was possible. Thanks.

If Binflash can see the drive then it’s probably possible to flash it. However, i’d recommend flashing the drive on an IDE channel if possible.

Thanks Dee, I flashed and all came out well, except for the fact that the scanning is horrid, I don’t know what ECC to scan with, no jitter, and the svans come out horrid, can we scan 4550 discs on a BenQ, if so at what ECC? And also the booktype did not work in Binflash with 1.07 rpc 1.

I reflashed with the BT 1.07 and all is well but the scanning on this drive is down the tubes, not even close to realistic.