External lite-on drive for $30

hey guys, i’m really tempted to buy this external lite-on. can anyone tell me if 30$ is a good price for it and what model it is? I have never owned any external drives before. I know the price for this is excellent but how about the quality?

Any help is appreciated.

Link: http://officedepot.shoplocal.com/officedepot/default.aspx?action=detail&flashbrowse=y&storeid=2397651&rapid=370327&pagenumber=10&listingid=-2093741194&ref=%2Fofficedepot%2Fdefault.aspx%3Faction%3Dbrowsepageflash%26storeid%3D2397651%26pagenumber%3D10%26rapid%3D370327%26prvid%3Dofficedepot-070218

The Newegg buyer reviews are all pretty positive.

Most likely a SHM-165P6SX. :slight_smile:

$30 is a bargain for this drive. Get it while you can.

I bought it. Can’t wait to use it now!!

Just bought one from office depot and can confirm that it is model SHM-165P6SX05C with a manufacture date of December 2006. As mentioned, it is just an external version of the drive discussed/reviewed in this thread: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=181658

SHM-165P6SX05C is the same model that I have. However, my manufacture date says September 2006.

These appear to be close out as it states while supplies last and seems to be limited to certain stores in sates MD, VA, DE and PA.

Watch out for the $50 rebate.

Do the RPC and book type tools work with external drives, and can firmware updates be done on external drives? Pardon my ignorance, but external burners are new to me.


Yes. No problem.