External lightscribe drive



I have been looking for an external drive with lightscribe, that does not have any riplock (or can be removed via MCSE). I had decided on the benq 1655, but after reading many threads on it, i realized that this drive does not have an external version of firmware (does not support UDMA 4), and so it cannot read or write to its full speed through usb. Then i read on some liteon drives but some say the new ones’ quality has degraded. LG’s have good quality but have riplock. Pioneer 111 fulfills all other requirements but does not have lightscribe (i know 111L has labelflash, but its media is not sold retail in US).
Finally, i gave up and am asking for suggestions. Also, i have a mac and so would like a drive compatible with it. Bitsetting would be a plus. Is there a drive that fullfills all these requirements?


bump… any suggestions will do. This question has been asked before by other posters, but never been answered. Which is the best solution for external burner with lightscribe and with removable riplock?


The DVR-111C has Lightscribe, but is damn hard to find…


Thanks. What is the next best option? Couldn’t find a 111C.


anyone?.. :frowning: :frowning:


Dunno, check some new LGs and Liteons.


I think LG has the best quality, but not sure which model has full riplock removed. I LG thread is pretty confusing when it comes to riplock. I think their are different speeds for +/-R ripping and for commercial pressed DVD ripping. The best I found is 8X speed for H22L.
Lite-ons are definitely the way to go for ripping, but i am not sure how bad the burn quality is. everyone says its not good as a burning drive.


I’d go for LiteOn (my own external LG is riplocked, but I think that can be sorted out with MCSE). The burn quality really isn’t bad with LiteOn drives, at least I’m happy with mine. :slight_smile:


which lightscribe liteon do you think will give me the best write quality. I do not care much for 20X speed and so don’t really need the LH-20A1H. but if it gives the same quality as the other lite-ons, I would rather have 20X than not. :slight_smile:


I’ve seen some terrific burns with the 18x Liteys. I’d try one of those. :slight_smile:

I haven’t managed to try the 20x for myself yet, so I can’t comment there.