External LG Shuts Down PC!

Hi All, long time reader, first time writer, I recently purchased a External LG GSA-E10N ReWriter and have successfully backed up 5 DVD’s. However every time i boot up my PC (after burning DVD) i get Blue Screen Error and PC shuts down. I have updated firmware ( Now Version JE06) but i still get Blue Screens. Do i need to make any changes to my settings on my PC? (Windows XP, or is this a dodgy ReWriter? (the clowns at PC World say its conflicting with my Windows settings-but cant help me!! ) many thanks for any help.

Hi and welcome!

as this is an external drive, it should be easy to try with another computer. Is there any way for you to do that?

Also, a bluescreen is often giving very useful information for troubleshooting. Are you able to write down the information that is given there?


Blue Screen read: BAD_POOL_CALLER 0x000000C2 0X0000007 0XCD4000000 0X10020B-- 0XE2D40C97 thats all i could get before shutdown, i done a search on GOOGLE but that was mind boggling! Also just tested on my DELL Laptop (as you suggested) and no Blue Screen-burned and boot up ok-so i guess its my PC, Also when i updated my firmware on LG offical site i lost the Book Typing- is this normal? Wont book type to DVD ROM, Many thanks for your help

This may well have nothing to do with the external burner. Bad Pool BSOD is hardware, often RAM. I’d run Memtest86 for 8 hrs minimum to check the RAM before doing anything else.

Why are you rebooting after a burn?

Anyway, if the only difference between a BSOD and no BSOD is whether you have the USB drive plugged in, then driver conflict on the USB controller is the best bet. Re-installing the USB2 controller would be a start.

@ CDan- Why are you rebooting after burn?
What i mean is i will burn in the evening, shut down PC, and when i come home from work and reboot- this could be 10Hrs or even 2 days later! My PC is DELL Dimension 3100 2.8Ghz 512Mb Mem 250GB HD and only 3 months old. Also, my laptop is also Dell and im using the same software on both-DVDFab, VobBlanker, Shrink, Imgburn, Nero. Im now thinking this is a PC problem-however i have more faith in you ( the experts ) helping me solve this- than those guys in the PC store. Many thanks

Remember, google is your friend:


Consensus seems to be that in your case, a USB driver is the culprit. The actual crash is caused by a driver trying to access memory in an illegal way, or just bad memory. The string of numbers is actually pointing you to the offending device or driver, but it seems that you already know where the trouble lies.

Again, if the BSOD never occurs when the USB drive is unplugged, you have your answer. Re-installing and updating USB2 drivers and USB controller drivers should help. If you installed a driver when you connected the drive, remove it. XP has it’s own USB2 driver, or it should if it’s fully updated.

hey mossey, i also have an lg external dvd writer gsa-e10n but i dont experience blue screens. maybe its not the writer. can you give me sites where i can download firmware upgrades for external gsae10n? mine is outdated. thanks