External Internal What's the diff?

I’m a new at hardware and I was wondering is there any difference between an external drive and an internal drive.

The drive itself is the same (usually), the main diffrence being a interface hooked to the the drive to convert it to usb or whatever the connection may be. External drives tend to be slower than internal also. On optical drives you wouldn’t notice but with a harddrive you would. Thats about it…


The overpricing of the ext. HD, which attracts a lot of mac fanatics since there’s only 2 freaking slots for HDs in that big pretty G4 and even the bigger G5 desktop towers. So ext. HD is the only option for those rich snotty bastards.

Ps. Yes, I have a dual G4 desktop, 14" iBook, and 15" PB too, but I’m not snotty at all. I keep it real w/ a couple Intel P4 and AMD Barton systems too.