External I/O Magic: Wrong Firmware Installed. IS there an UNDO?



Good Day!

I have an I/O Magic 16X external USB 2.0 drive. WHen I got it, it said on the front to go to www.drvupdate.com for “best performance” How wrong that was. The bloody software installed the wrong firmware and it is now only recognized as an IDE drive.

Does anybody know the correct firmware for this drive as a USB external and not the internal? I bought it as a package already in its case.

From what I’ve heard, I/O Magic uses BenQ and BTC drives. I have the BTC in the case.

I have a program that will let me flash with .cvt files but I cannot find any for the drive I have.

Any help would be appriciated. Thank you in advance.



I feel your pain man. drvupdate is the suck. I used it on my internal I/O Magic, and now, not even the drvupdate tool views it as a supported device. If you find a way to “unflash” or flash over yours, let me know, as I will do the same.


You can try these two places for firmware, one is the i/o magic site and the firmware is older, you can also use the BTC site if your drive is a 1008UI, this is a drive I have and bad firmware flash is a bug of the drive. I am not sure this drive will let you flash back but try. Use the i/o magic update first, use the BTC as a last resort. I used the BTC and had trouble flashing, it got stuck halfway through the process but I turned the drive off and it works and shows the new firmware



Good Luck :~)