External I/O Magic IDVD16DDME is/was BenQ 1620?



I’ve been searching for the answer and am still unclear about that. I Read about the CD-R speed having to be 40x instead of 48x and something about an I/O Magic sticker. Can someone please clarify that for me?

Also, if the drive ends up being a BenQ 1620 in an external I/O Magic case, is it easily flashable to BenQ firmware? I’m asking because I’m looking this up for my brother who isn’t to familiar with that type of stuff.

Thanks :cool:


You could buy a BenQ and buy an external case. Does the I/O have firewire and USB 2.0?


I think the I/O is USB 2.0 only.

I don’t think my brother would be willing to try out an internal in an external case. The simpler the better.