External HDD problem arises!

Hi folks. I just recently, (as in today) had the internal hard drive from my laptop, which is now defunct, put into a nice shiny external hard drive case with the usb connection. Its ace, it gets read by the computer, and I can tell all my stuff is still there. HOWEVER, the stuff I actually need to get in to is in my documents, and it won’t let me in that because it was a passworded account when I was using it. The HDD still has all of the xp stuff on it, but bumping it to the top of the boot sequence, whilst starting the load from this external one, packs up before I can get at the accounts to shut off the passwords.

Anyone got any ideas as to how I can go about getting in and recovering all of my data please?

Have to tried creating an identical user on the new system and accessing the files with that user?

yeah, I tried that, but still when I go to open up the old HDD, and get into my documents, because its trying to access part of the other xp system’s user account, it comes up with access denied.

The chap in the shop that I got the external case from said he could unlock it somehow and get the data and shove it into another HDD, but I was hoping I could avoid spending another £25 and do it all myself. Besides, then I’ll know how to do another something :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi [B]killbob75[/B], welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

Assuming you are running Windows XP/Vista/2000 and that you have an account with administrative privileges, I suggest you take ownership of the folders and files on your external harddrive.

That should be enough to give you access, unless the files and folders have been encrypted. If the files and folders are encrypted, you will have to set your password to the same password that was used on the system where those filed and folders were encrypted; you might also have to use the same username, although I’m not sure if that’s necessary.

Ace! That worked wonders. Now I’ve got all of my stuff, and it saved my £25 :slight_smile:

Many thanks!!