External HDD not detectable

Hi again to everbody !
guys i am in one trouble again and hope you can help me out like always. i googled to get my solution but can’t figure it out. i am using an external maxtor drive 500 Gb from 2 months. untill yesterday it was fine. then suddenly a message came that i need to change something usb for getting high speed. and then there is no more detected hard drive. it was using I latter. i tried to detect by system managment but it not showing there. even i installed my windows again and updated it to SP3. i put my hard disk to laptop and its working there. only on my desktop it got problme. from 2 months it was connected to desktop and i just remove from desktop to clean my PC. but when i put again this all is happening. i tried many antivirus like Mccafe Kaspersky 2009 and SuperAntiSpyware Professional and Ashampoo antispyware all this softwares one by one but useless. i triend many time to change the USB port but useless. other usb devices like printer scanner are working on the usb port. sometime like from 50 times when i am trying to change port and power off to hard-drive it will be recognised as unknown drive. it has an green light which is steady. guys i will be thankfull if somebody knows about it.

Edit : guys maybe i got some kind of virus in bios or Memory ?? just be sure to tell me guys i mention everything above. thanks for help

after too many tried i solved my problem. i just delete usb root hub in Device manager. and restart and unplugging sevrel time and puting back the harddisk usb cable on same port.

Glad you managed to solve your problem. :slight_smile: