External HD/DVD Burning Problems


I’ve been having problems with burning movies stored on my external hd. I used to be able to do anything while burning a movie from it. Now if I try to check email or anything while burning the computer completely freezes up and the disc is ruined. I can burn off my internal hd without any problems. The external hd is hooked up via firewire through a pc card. It freezes up even when hooked up via usb 2.0

Dvds rip to it perfectly with no snags no matter what Im doing.

I use dvd decryptor to burn. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it and even running the program off the external hd but still no success.

System info:

My computer is a Toshiba S206 2.8 GHZ Win Xp SP2 (all current updates) with 896 mb Ram and a Nec6500A burner using stock firmware. The external harddrive is connected via firewire through a Zonenet PC Card to a Western Digital 320GB 7200 Rpm Hd with 8 Mb Cache. I use dvd decrypter to burn. Thank You for your help!!!

Nilch Ideas?!

Defrag the external harddrive then try

Is it just one particular set of DVD files that’s not cooperating? Try copying the files to your main HD to see if that freezes. Also run full diagnostics on the external drive, which may require moving it to IDE.