External Harddisk Noise



Hello every! I have been searching and reading this forum for help for quite some years and now I decided to join up because I have a problem that I cannot find a solution here. I bought a Fujitsu Dynadisq III 2 1/2"320gb external harddisk. It has a usb power cord and a usb data cord. When I plug in the usb power cord only, it makes a sound that sounds like head crash. But it goes away after I plug in the usb data cord. Is this normal? Also, when I safe remove the harddisk, and remove the usb data cord, it sometimes spin down and makes that noise, but sometimes it just keep spinning. Does anyone have any idea on what is happening?


USB powered drives need both connections to provide enough power to the drive. Have you tried using the data cord first?


Just pluging in the data cable will not start harddisk activity. If I plug in the data then power, it would also not start up. It only start up if I put in the power then the data. When I put in the power cable in only, sound like head crash is going on inside. I will record the sound and let my friends here to determine where it is actually head crash or normal mechanical noise.


I mean if it is head crash, it will still be there if I plug in the usb data. But it is gone after that. That is why I am so stuck.