External Hard Drive



I have two external hard drives that load up when my computer boots up. Been using this set up for six months or better.
In the last week when booting up my computer only one external hard drive is found on boot up. If I let the computer sit for about five minutes the second external hard drive will come into play as the autoplay screen pops up and then the drive is found and starts working.
If I don’t want to wait the extra time for it to be found I can unplug the usb cable for that drive, plug it back in and all is well.
What could be causing the computer not to find or load both external hard drives as it has in the past.
In the past I never got a autoplay pop up for the external hard drive when the computer boots up.
Something has changed when my computer boots up but have no idea where to began to look.


Could be USB related or a hardware issue with the drive itself. Do you keep them powered on all the time? I would start by ensuring you have the latest motherboard/USB drivers installed.