External Hard drive reccomedations?

Im looking to get a new ext HD, im planning on moving all my music form my other HDs to the new one i get. id liek to get one around 500gb. Ive been leaning on the WD elements 500gb portable. I can get the 1tb desktop for onlt a few bucks more, but I dont really want to need an ac adapter, and form what ive read, !tbs are unreliable. was also lookign at seagate, but they seem less reliable.

So anyways, what are the most reliable, yet affordable HDs? im looking to spend around $75 at most. Actually its gonna be a gift for me…but they need my answer soon, she said asap, so…


go for a 3.5" HDD that has its own power supply. Portable HDDs violate USB specs due to their power demands, so using these drives is sort of gambling. If you really want an external HDD without power supply, then 1.8" drives are your choice, but I doubt there are already 500 GB versions available.


any brand or size recommendations? like i said 1TB seem sto be unreliable for the most part,at least for seagate and WD. also i read that someones drive dies, and they called support and they said not to use a power adapter/power strip, and i dont have a free outlet, i already have all my pc stuff plugged in, router, monitor, tower, printer.

so overall tho, the bigger ones with a power supply or more reliable than portable? also i dont have a built in usb 2.0, i have a pci card, is that ok?also what does teh 3.5 inch refer to? height?

also need to be from bestbuy

anyone have experience with these? http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Western+Digital+-+WD+Elements+500GB+External+USB+2.0+Portable+Hard+Drive/9875558.p?id=1218187081307&skuId=9875558

or the 1tb version?

also what 3.5 inch HDs should I look into? how would i know which are 3.5

One of our reviewers carried out an external hard drive review test not so long ago.

According to the test, no power cable was needed - so you might want to consider these Transcend drives.

Transcend StoreJet 25M3 and 25D3 USB3 HDD review


has to be from bestbuy.com as its a gift for me and the buyer has giftcards there…and its out of price range

Whoops I’m sorry - I’ll have to read more careful next time. So max $75 and from Best Buy - that should narrow down your choices…

the WDs only have 1 year warranty, kinda sketchy on that…bot sure what to do

seems the only ones in my price range are western digital and seagate, of those 2 which are more reliable? the WD passport has 2 year part and labor warranty, elements 1 year, and a seagate expansion has 2 year parts, labors not listed. seagate freeagent go flex has 2 year for parts and warranty, but comes with preloaded backup software which i dont need as im moving files, not backing up.

she urgung me for an answer so quick would is neded thanks

went with my passport 500gb… seemed to have best revviews and rating on various sites

also do i have to use teh software with it? or just drag and drop

No, you don’t need to use the software that comes with the drive.