External hard drive problem - please help

I’m having a problem with my external hard drive and any help would be greatly appreciated. When ever i get new music it goes to my received folder on my internal hard drive. I would take the certain album and cut it to paste in my external hard drive. This has worked fine for at least 6 months but until a couple days ago it says its pasting but the status bar doesn’t move. It also doesn’t allow me to use my itunes and I always have to restart my computer because I cannot cancel it either. It just freezes the status bar about 25 percent of the way up. I don’t know what to do so if someone could help me out it would mean a lot. Thanks. Also I am running vista if that means anything.

Not sure whats causing your problem, but have you tried dragging your music over in explore?

If not, right click on start and click on explore, find the music file you want to transfer and open it, it will open in the window on the right. Highlight the songs you want to transdfer and drag them to your external drive on the left, you can go to any file on the drive and drop your music.

This is the way I move my files around. Ron

alright i tried all this stuff but now I just want to wipe everything off my external hard drive. Its really not working now it doesn’t even show up on my computer anymore when i turn it on. How would i go about wiping everything off of this and resetting it?