External Hard Drive for compaq laptop



hi everyone,
i have a few questions for the experts here :slight_smile: i recently bought a external hard drive for my compaq presario 2500 laptop,my brother in law sold it to me for 400 dollars been used three times by him,anyways i hooked it up using the usb port,by the way its a Western Digital 80 Gigs. so i hook it up and all seems fine at first so i move a few music files over from my main drive. the songs play from the external drive fine then when i go to shut down my computer then turn it on again the next day the E: or external drive is gone!
so i safely remove the hard drive and install again and it does the same thing.
took it back to Best Buy got a new one(Same exact hard drive)and it does it again!anyways sorry for rambling on but just wanted some advice or if anyone has any idea whats going on.is it my laptop or what.
here are my specs:
windows xp
256 mb ram

thank you so much :slight_smile:



#1 Sounds like you overpaid.

#2 Return the drive and try a different brand of external hard drive

You’re right, it shouldn’t work this way.