External hard drive failure

A friend of mine has a 300gb(filled) external Hard drive that is not working. It seems like his dog knocked it over. When he contacted Segate,they quoted him 1500 dollars to recover the data on the disk. Are there any cheaper options? I suggested he take it to a local computer repair shop to see if the disk can be saved,but if they can’t he would like to try to recover the data. I also suggested he start to back up his files on DVDs :slight_smile:


the first thing i’d try is to connect the hard drive directly to the computer as internal or with an ide–>usb adapter if he have a laptop or if the hard drive is 2.5" (external hard drives are nothin special,its just a standard hard drive in an enclosure) , its possible only the enclosure got screwed and the hard drive itself is fine , openning the enclosure may void the warranty however if im right and the hard drive itself is fine then it will save your friend alot of $$$ on pro data recovery (do note that pro data recovery costs at least 500$) , taking the drive to a computer store will not help , your friend should defintly try connecting the drive as suggested above , if that wont help then he will have to shell out alot of $$$ for pro data recovery , but yeah 1500$ is over the top , in this post you can find links to several data recovery companies
im sure your friend will find a cheaper solution :bigsmile:

A lot depends on the specific symptoms the drive is showing. 1st, try it in a different enclosure or connected internally. If connected internally, Seagate has a drive testing utility that can diagnose the drive.

If the drive was running when dropped, a stuck head might be the issue. Do a search for methods of freeing up a stuck head, but rapping the drive on the edge of a table has been suggested. (last resort).

At first check hd. Also partition could be damaged, in that case Disk Director helps.
If your hd died then this thing can help you, or smth like this.
And the last way to restore data from died hd is freezing.
All these things are cheaper than Seagate help.

Thanks for the advice. He took the Hard drive out of the case and hooked it up as an IDE, and it worked fine!

Data recovery is very hard and is the most expensive thing to do. He can try to connect this drive to another computer to see if the result would be the same.

alredy sorted