External Floppy Disk Drive

I own a typing business and I’m doing a project for a client that’s from the stone age. He has Windows 98 on his computer, Windows XP and he is still saving his work to a floppy disk. He has an external floppy disk drive that he uses and he brought it so I could plug it into my computer and load his files. He works in Microsoft Works which I have on my computer. I plugged the drive in and his files came up, but I wasn’t ready to work on them at the present.

I left everything plugged in and logged off from my computer. The next day I booted up my computer and went to reload his files and the disk didn’t show the files at all. What could have happened to those files? I get a message asking if I want to format the disk and I’m afraid to because I’m thinking it wil erase what’s on there. I don’t know how to get into MS-DOS to run the disk directory to see if the files are there. I have Windows Vista so would that have anything to do with the files disappearing. If so, why did they appear in the first place. Please help. I don’t want to tell this man that his files are gone.

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well, Floppies are the most unreliable storage media nowadays. The probability of data loss is rather high due to the low media quality.

You may try if you can recover the data using other floppy drives.


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