External enclosures

I am wondering if I use an external enclosure with the usb connecter for my dvd reader, if that reduces read quality at all to my burner. I just want to make sure it won’t reduce quality at ALL compared to a IDE internal connection.

Basically, the problems with external chipsets are this. They will either work with the drive at usual speeds, they will work but very slowly, or they won’t work at all. While anything is possible, I have not seen a drop in quality in either read or write when it worked at all. If you go to the external enclosures thread and post your drive, you should be able to find some advice as to what enclosures are good for your drive.

A drive in an external USB enclosure won’t change the data that it reads from the CD/DVD so it won’t change the “quality”. It may however be limited in reading speed depending on your system and the drive inside the enclosure. Only some combinations will be able to achieve true 16x reading speed, but that’s not terribly important IMO.

Some drives don’t work well (or not at all) with some enclosures.