External Enclosures

I have just bought a external enclosure which has the ALI M5621 (TH05) chipset.

I am trying to get my pio 108 to burn past 2X but it won’t do any faster than 2X. :sad:

The external I have is the ME-340U2


When the drive gets to around the 50% mark it fails as it trys to go at a faster rate.

Any help would be appreciated as it is making me loco :confused: :confused:

Search for an firmware update for this enclosure chipset.


The closest thing I came to a firmware is for the M5621 (TH07) mine is a th05 :a .

Do you think I should take it back and get a better enclosure and if so which would you recommend for the pio 108?


From what I have been reading the pios are a bit flaky in external cases.

Is this true?

Not true, it’s the used chipsets in the enclosures which are partly crappy and won’t support [B]UDMA4[/B] which all recent Pioneer burners have as Host Interface.

From what I have been reading I have found exactly that, that the chipsets are not up to the task.

Is there any chipsets which are better than others as I may swap the enclosure with this one http://www.byteccusa.com/product/enclosure/ME-340F2U2.htm

Can anyone confirm that this will work with the Pio 108.

This has the Oxford 922 chipset rather than the Ali M5621.

  • Hi: there is a solid [if very long] thread here specifically concerned with external enclosures. Basic advice is to get one using the Prolific PL-3507 bridge chipset, specifically the ‘B’ or later revision. No; I do not know whether this is the best for your specific burner/firmware combo - suggest you use the excellent search functions here.

Thanks for the link that has definetly put me on the right track :smiley: