External Enclosures

  1. HD has been defragged.
  2. The burns were done through Nero Create Data Disc function.
  3. Nothing working on the background as far as I can tell, since I usually watch TV while burning. :slight_smile:
  4. It’s possible that some resources have been hogging the CPU. Could be the firewall from XP SP1 (still using it) or Norton anti-virus. I try not to have too much TSRs (I think that’s the right term) in the background.

I’m actually not using the two burners externally, since they both burn fine up to 16x internally. I just want to see how good/bad this external case can handle up to.

Since this thread is dealing with External Enclosures, I have a query which may be some of you know the answer to… I posted this query in Firmware Upgrades but saw no response…


Hi Guys,

This is my very first post and after searching entire net, I landed up in this forum… found lots of informative stuff.

I am really not into too much of hardware / firmware.

I purchased IO MAgic DVD writer (Benq 1620), I went ahead and bought Plumax 525U2 external enclosure (Which has Cypress Semiconductor chipset).

I didnt know that both are incompatible, however now both are under my roof and I have verified both work without a problem separately but both are incompatible (I learned very hard way and also have ruined 1 hard disk to see if everything is fine with the enclosure).

I really want to know if I can really make my enclosure to work with Benq or not, if yes, how.

Will really appreciate any help I can get. Since probably it will require upgrading a firmware hence have put under this forum…

Thanks in advance for any help but am struggling to make it work since a month now


chintu, since you have the BenQ 1620 drive, I highly recommend you get an enclosure with the Prolific PL-3507 chipset included on both USB2/Firewire connections. As far as I know, the BenQ won’t work with most or any other chipsets.

Is it possible you can send your Plumax case back from where you bought it from and exchange it? If so, then that is the primary thing you should do.

KTL, from your BenQ vs NEC post using the Prolific chipset, which of the two seemed to fair better in terms of a quality burn.

Thanks crea78. I bought from Dealsonic… dont know their return policy… I never thought that DVD writers can also be incompatible… I guess you should never rule out anything… anyways, will give it a try.

Thanks again…

chintu, when exactly did you buy your enclosure from Dealsonic.com. I think you mentioned earlier about a month ago. Well, you can try to call or email them to see if you can exchange it. They could say yes if your not satisfied or having problems & also look on their site to see what the return policy is. It’s always worth a shot.

If that doesn’t go thru with Dealsonic.com, you can always keep that Plumax case for an internal HDD used externally. However, you will probably have bite the bullet and buy another Plumax case with the Prolific chipset. That will cost you an extra $35 or so, but you will then be able to use your DVD-RW drive.

Dealsonic is a great company to deal with. They will exchange your case for a different one that works and you only have to pay the difference if there is any. They also list the chipset that is in the case. They will ship the replacement free of shipping cost…

I will check them against Nero and KProbe tonight when I get home from work. With the stuttering of the NEC around the 15x mark, I thought there might be some noticeable uneven dye colors on the back of the disc, but there weren’t any.

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