External Enclosures for Sata Drives



I have not recently read any updates on the various chipsets for external enclosures. From an old article, I read that the following chipsets recommended for an external enclosure:

Cypress - USB
Oxford/Prolific - Firewire

4 or 5 years ago, I purchased a Mapower external enclosure for my IDE drive. From an old posting, someone claimed that Mapower had the Genexxx chipset (forgot, but begins with a G).
I recently purchased the Antec MX-1 a year ago for my SATA hard drive. I have no idea what chipset this enclosure uses.

I would like to know what chipsets recommended for external enclosures that have an external USB and for eSATAs as well. I would like to have info to decide if it is worth for me to get an external enclosure that has eSATA.

I have no knowledge and info on chipsets for the current external enclosures with eSATA or on the updated USB technology. Any advice, recommendations, and suggestions greatly appreciated.

My old info was based on a posting around 2004 I believe on the fatwallet external enclosure thread and maybe on this one as well.


First, for eSATA, you don’t have to worry. Just make sure you have AHCI working in the PC you are going to plug it into (your internal AHCI SATA drives should all show up in the ‘safely remove hardware’ menu, all the time, if using Windows 7, FI). The best part of eSATA is that the drive works just like an internal one.

For USB…as soon as I got good USB way back when, I gave up keeping up with that, and my USB/eSATA enclosure maker went to great lengths to hide the information you seek, for the USB side of things. I’ll let somebody else chime in on the state of that.