External Enclosures for ODDs

Hello everyone, just a simple question. I want to connect an optical drive via USB and I am wondering if I can use an 3.5 size enclosure and have the drive outside the enclosure or I have to get the 5.25 version?. Thanks.


It depends on your ODD. :slight_smile: If you have a 3.5" ODD you can build it into a 3.5" enclosure (for example it is perfect for 3.5" MO drives). But I guess your ODD is 5.25", therefore I’d recommend a 5.25" enclosure. If you have a slimline ODD (like a Notebook drive) you can get a slimlin enclosure.

Ok, thanks so I guess I have to get the 5.25 size to connect the drive. Does someone know if there is another way to connect a drive via USB and not unisng an enclosure. For example connecting the IDE interface to an USB interface using only a cable??

Yes, there are some cables with a builtin USB-IDE bridge and some also with a builtin USB-SATA bridge. These cables generally also come with a power supply for the attached unit.

Here’s a product from Nierle (in Europe):

Thank you DrageMester, this is what I’m looking for :).