External enclosures for long drives



I’m originally from Region 4, living in Region 1, and being sent DVDs from my sister-in-law who is in region 2. I have an old RPC1 DVD drive that I’d like to put into an external enclosure so I can play most of these things.

Unfortunately, the drive is 262mm (10.31") long, and the only external enclosures I have are not long enough. In most cases an extra 5mm (1/5") would do it.

I haven’t seen anything online that indicates when an enclosure can handle a longer drive, though I have seen a few complaints where the enclosure is not long enough. I can’t think of any more search terms to help either.

Does anyone have a recommendation for an enclosure that will fit this drive?



The drive is quite big and present enclosures are directed at normal drives, but if you don’t find one you can use and external adapter IDE to USB and build yourself a box, or leave it at the open.
Have a look at these links (just as examples, as there are several dof makers and I don’t know what you can find at your place in terms of brands - it will not be a prob as you want it just for reading):