External Enclosure

Would the one at this link work nicely? Since I got my original BenQ DW1620A working properly and have a new drive on the way I hate to shelve one or the other. I know Firewire seems to be a bit better for DVD Burner type drives so wanted to make sure I’m buying something good - if this isn’t good could you point me to something that is?

Also, I saw there is different firmware for the BenQ DW1620A in the external enclosure. Is this necessary? If it is, how do I flash my BenQ to this firmware or at least what are the proper steps for it so I don’t ruin the drive? :slight_smile: Anyway, thanks for all the help! Nice to have a forum such as this to ask other people that have gone through similiar things. :bow: :bow: :bow:

I read a while back some members were able to flash with 1621 FW (Benq 1620 external drive) with Plumax external enclosure (prolific chipset only). Even more amazing, one member claims it can burn at 16X.

Here is one of the discussion.


I think you need FW 47L9.

Here is where you can buy the Plumax enclosure:

USB2 &Firewire

Thank you both for the responses! And thank you Homer for the link the the proper external enclosure especially since it’s a bit cheaper then the one at Newegg at any rate. :wink: Still trying to decide what I want to do there yet, hehe.

I have that enclosure and I can get 16X burns. If you read the external enclosure thread, you will see that there are others with that enclosure that can burn at 16X.