External enclosure suggestion

I just bought a Pioneer 112D off of newegg.com, and I’m looking for an external enclosure. I’ve heard that people have had some issues (compatibility?) if they don’t get a suitable enclosure. Do you guys have any suggestions? I’d prefer if it was relatively inexpensive unless a cheap enclosure is what creates the issues. Thanks.

Canyon CASE525 I use but not with that drive.

I’ve had good results and 18X burn speeds (with an LG-H42N, however) with this:

I tried a similar (but different model) Plumax Oxford 911+/Cypress AT2+ case and the 1st case did not work on the 1394 side, the 2nd did not work on the USB2 side (7-Mbit burst rate).
How is your case performing on either the 1394 or USB2 side. If yours is giving good 911+/usb+ burns, I would be interested in trying it out.
Thanks for any input you can provide.

Hi dishinit. Check this out- http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1730387&postcount=370

Great Burn/scan on the oxford side…What do you get on the USB2 side of the bridgeboard with the Cypress AT2+ chipset?
Can you burn a disc at 16X over the Cypress USB2 side of the bridgeboard?
If not, what is your Burst rate over the Cypress AT2+ side?

USB 2.0 burst rate is a lousy 16 MB/sec. I have tried other enclosures and always get the same results so its probably my system. 1394 is always so much better for me I gave up on USB.

Thanks Steve2874,
My Nspire Oxford 911+/Cypress AT2+ external case will give me 18X burns on the Firewire side and true 16X burns on the USB2 side from my 3 year old Toshiba Laptop. The Nspire case houses an LG H22N_1.02.
My USB burst rate is 19 Mb/sec on a burned disc.
And Yes, you are probably right about USB Host Controllers affecting your results.
All in all I would say the external case you have is very good. I think I will have to seriously consider getting one of these.
Thanks for your input.

You’re quite welcome. Hope it performs well for you if you decide to get one. I was really pleased to get quality 18X burns on an external drive.