External enclosure recommendation needed

Hi all,

I need a recommendation for an enclosure. I was all set to order the Plumax mentioned at the end of the big enclosure thread, but discovered it’s not compatible with Mac OS X. I need one that will work with my PC (WinXPSP2) and my wife’s Mac Mini which is running OS X ver.3. Otherwise the features of the Plumax are exactly what I’m looking for – work with both 5.25 and 3.5 inch drives, work with either USB2 or firewire.

If it’s not piling on, I have a second - related - question. Is it worthwhile to add a firewire card to my PC for use with the external drive? My PC has native USB2 which works fine with other devices.

Depends what drive you are talking about. Optical or hdd? I find for hdd enclosure USB2 is fine as I don’t use it for anything other than holding data.

you should also post the model of the drive that you intend on putting in the enclosure as certain drives don’t agree with certin enclosure chipsets.

I’d go with firewire if at all possible. the cards aren’t expensive to buy or difficult to install and the reliability of the data transfer is increased. You can try with USB2 first though and add the firewire later if you’re having trouble, but if you’re burning DVDs you’re going to want the fastest data transfer possible to avoid burn errors.

I’m surprised that Stroppy hasn’t offered any advice yet…he’s good with external stuff.

Keep in mind poster needs to have it work with Mac OS X :wink:

Maybe this big thread could help in some way: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=119149

Ah…flattery will get you everywhere…and probably a DHL pack of chockies. :bigsmile:

As for the external case. Well, locally in Australia, you can buy a Tawainese case by a company called Ritmo
( ACC-CT-E5 CE5015 ) with USB2 and firewire support for about 36 Australian dollars. I bought one and not only does it have an ingenious way of holding the all-aluminium case together, it out-performs all my other enclosures.
Look here:

Thanks for all the replies. My intended immediate use would be a spare 40gig Maxtor, which I would use to back up both computers. However things may change, that’s why I’d like to get something that could also take a DVD writer. The Mac has only a combi drive. My first choice would be another NEC based on good experience with the 3520 in my PC.

Stroppy, I’m in the USA, can find no indication that the Ritmo brand is available here. Anybody have a favorite that’s available in the US? Or is Ritmo possibly marketed under another name here?

Dave…The Ritmo brand is the property of Satotech in Australia(see the link I gave you). Generally I have found them to be very good to deal with…helpful. Why don’t you email them and ask about whether the drive is marketed in the US and, if so, under what brand? I’m sure you’ll get a reply and, trust me, this enclosure is worth it. Beats all 6 of my other units, hands down and is an absolute cinch to set up. Worth a try…as we say in Australia…“Give it a go!” :iagree: :bigsmile:

Thanks Stroppy, I sent an e-mail to Satotech. Seems they are a wholesaler so it’s possible the same units are sold under a different brand in the US. Will let you know if I get a reply.


Actually I have seen that design here in the UK but it is sold as “Icey Cool” or “Icey Cold” can’t remember exactly.

Hi All
Yeah I know noobie alert :smiley:

The Ritmo CL-3520 is rumoured to be the same as the Hotway HD9-U2LA They also have the HDC-U2LA with USB and LAN ports (Theres also models Firewire/USB etc). Hotway HD9-U2LA is sold as Mediasonic on NCIX Canada so hopefully this is a clue. I think it all depends how you plan to connect each PC…
Eg OSX machine via USB and the XP PC via LAN (Windows File share or FTP).


PS I just purchased the HD9-U2LA and have it on my LAN with the USB connected to a Chinese DVD (MP3,WMA,Xvid,DIVX & SNES em) as a media center to keep the wife happy. :stuck_out_tongue: