External Enclosure Question


 I am wondering if anyone would have a idea as to were I might get a good deal on a dual bay external enclosure with 2 PCI bracket openings and included power supply. I am looking for something that supports IDE, USB 2.0, and ATA drives. Any help would be appreciated. I want to mount my Lite On DVD burner and Digi Deck inside the External Enclosure.

Thank you

CompUSA sells a HDD enclosure for $30. But you can just get some IDE to USB2.0 cables, they are much cheaper, you can find them for about $15.

I’ve never seen any external cases that hold multiple 5.25" drives except one that was IDE only, and that one was set up for removable HDs.

Then look here: http://www.raidsonic.de/en/pages/home/home.php

That’s great, but not much help to the rest of the world.

Well, Raidsonic is only distributor of these cases.
Maybe that helps further: http://www.raidon.com.tw/web/index_e.htm