External Enclosure problems!

I just bought an akasa integral USB external enclosure and my pc is not letting me access it, it comes up that it has found it and it is all ready 2 use nd all that but when i try and find it to access the files that are on it i cant find it anywhere to do so not in my computer or anywhere, any help wil do, please, thank you!!

did you get it sorted?

Is it partitioned? If it has no partition or it’s been damaged, then it won’t appear as a drive letter. Try going to Computer Management in Administrative Tools in Control Panel to see whether the drive partition appears. If it does in Disk Management and doesn’t have a letter, right click it and Change Drive Letter and Paths to allocate a drive letter to it. If the disk appears as unpartitioned and you’re sure you’ve used it, you might be in trouble [corruption of partition]. If it’s new, make a partition, format it and it’ll work :slight_smile:

Just noticed: Might be a little too late :expressionless: