External Enclosure problem with BenQ DW1620A inside

Ok, having a problem with my Plumax External enclosure (PL3507 model number I believe…). I have a BenQ DW1620A inside of it and it’s flashed to 47L9. Everything seems to work fine for it but Nero CD/DVD Speed 3.61 doesn’t recognize it! Any reasons why? I want to test my burst rate but without Nero CD/DVD Speed recognizing it how can I do so? :frowning:

Not sure why that would be the case. I have the same setup for my 1620. What firmware are you using for the case itself? You can use ROMWriter found here to see what firmware version you have for the PL3507 chipset.

You might need to reflash the case, and maybe the drive.

Argh. :frowning: Odd - I clicked on Read ROM to figure out what firmware revision the case was running and when it gets just about done reading it the program exits and displays no information. sigh Not sure what’s going on here at all.

Damnit, now RomWriter isn’t even reading the case although the drive appears to be working in it. sigh Tempted to pull the darned thing out of the computer and forget it, becoming more trouble then what the thing is worth.

Ok, Romwriter started working properly for me and I tried updating the case. Have it on 2004.09.07.160 as of now. However, that still hasn’t resolved the issue with Nero CD/DVD Speed detecting the drive properly. Dumb question - the DVD-Burner is listed as Drive I: - does Nero CD/DVD Speed only go up so far in drive letters? I’d think that would be a little odd if it does.

@Kockroach - what firmware are you running on your enclosure? I can try to match it and see if that helps me out.

Finally got it! Newest Firmware for PL3507 is installed and seems to be running well. I’m able to do disc quality scanning now that the drive is back to 47L9! :smiley: Here’s an image of my burst rate - I guess 22 megabytes/second is acceptable?

Alright…congrats Braxas. Sorry I didn’t get back here sooner to reply. Are you connected via firewire or USB? If you are on USB, you might want to limit your burns to 12X, because 22MB/s probably will top out around 15X. If you are getting 22MB/s on USB2, then try switching to firwire, you might be able to get 23MB/s, which will be fine for 16X burns.

I am using the 110904 firmware for the PL3507 chipset, and 47L9 firmware for my BenQ (there is a newer firmware 47N9, but I haven’t switched yet). I am connected via firewire and can get 23-24MB/s for my burst rate. I get 21-22MB/s when connected via USB2.

FYI !!! - 47N9 does not work correctly with Nero CD-DVD Speed…

Glad I didn’t switch my firmware.

Thanks beach-hobo!

Yep, I was on 47N9 before but have down-graded to 47L9 because of the issues with Nero CD/DVD Speed beach-hobo was talking about. 12x for me is fine, this drive is a primary reader. Over Firewire it was very flakey whether it would stay connected or not although obviously with the new firmware that is questionable. But I was getting 23 megabytes/sec via Firewire before. I’m getting 22 megabytes/sec over USB. This drive isn’t a primary burner - I let that to the BenQ in the computer that is internal. :smiley:

If USB2.0 seems as fast as it is that should be good enough for my purposes and I was able to run a Disc Quality test in Nero CD/DVD Speed so all seems to be running well. Not quite sure what was up with it before - can only assume the old firmware was on the enclosure was flaking out, heh.