External enclosure power supply




I just bought a Mapower KC51CS external enclosure (it was the only one I was able to bought in France), and it is shipped with 12V 2A power supply… (and uses a Jmicrap JM20316 chipset, that allows 24Mo/s burstrate, fast enough for 16x burning, but it isn’t the problem)

Since I’m using an Optiarc AD-7240S drive

(took pic here http://www.myce.com/review/optiarc-ad-7240s-dvd-burner-review-15981/ )

rated for 5V 1,5A and 12V 2,5A as you can see… will I have issues with power supply ?
For the moment, the drive works fine, but I haven’t burn yet :o


So… first burn @ 16x failed… thought it may be a bad dvd, retried, second 16x burn failed too (earlier than first one). Third burn @ 8x succeded… but crappy burn (crappy drive ? crapy media ? power supply issues ?)

Do you think it could be better with 12V 5A power supply ? (or internal 12>5V converter could be crappy too ?)

For the moment, I have no interest in this esata enclosure (vs cheaper usb enclosure) :frowning:

Will I have to change my drive to “less power-rated” one ? Lot of questions…


What connections are you using? With USB connection it is really difficult to burn faster than 12x. With eSATA 16x shouldn’t be an issue.

About the PSU questions, sorry, I’m not able to answer :frowning:

btw, it seems strange to me that an enclosure purposely manufactured to work with optical drives is provided with an insufficient PSU. Can you try to burn a disc at 12x? What discs are you using? Low quality media will give bad burns whatever is the connection or power supply :doh:


Hi, and tank you for your answer :wink:
So…I’m using esata (burst rate 50Mo/s+), with TY 16x, Verbatim MCC004 or Panasonic MBIPG101 R05 medias (usually give good burns with this burner (when burned “inside my computer”))

I tried 3 different PSU, 12V 2A and 12V 3A, and with 3 different drives (Optiarc AD-7240S, SH-S223F, Asus DRW-2014L1T). Asus and Samsung drives were able to achieve 16x burns with 3A power supply, Optiarc not (8x ok, 12x ok). Using external enclosure for esata and computer sata power cable, Optiarc was able to achieve even 24x burn… seems like something wrong with enclosure logic board, isn’t it ?


To conclude, after replacing 12V 2A power supply with 12V 3A one, Optiarc AD-7240S works fine in this external enclosure, but can’t reach 16x while burning (16x reading ok), maybe because of the weakness of the power supply board (12V to 5V converter inside enclosure)… @ 12x, leds blinking “normaly”, @ 16x, led are off (and burn fails), so I’ll return enclosure :doh: