External enclosure for DVD burner

Hi, I’m toying with the idea of getting rid of my desktop and just using my macbook. The only thing I’d miss would be my Pioneer 216d burner so if I could put it in an enclosure and use it with the macbook that would be ideal. The connection options on the macbook are firewire and USB2.0 and the burner is SATA (although I do have an older IDE pioneer burner which I could use).

Would there be any difference in burn quality between using firewire or USB2.0?

Can anyone recommend an enclosure a good enclosure?



burn quality is normally not affected if a drive is installed in an external enclosure. But it will be often speed limited by the SATA/USB controller.

I am not sure if such exists for Apple computers: a Cardbus or ExpressCard eSata controller card (preferably with Silicon Image chipset) plus an enclosure with eSata connector.
In my opinion this should be the best solution.


Thanks for the reply. I’ve found a few enclosures that might do the job:



or I could go the IDE route and use my old burner in one of these:


Anyone used the Northq or Icy Box enclosures or have any idea which would be better?