External Enclosure for CD/DVD Writer



Hello I am inquiring about external enclosures for internal DVD writers.
Wondering if I absolutely need one or if I can get away with an adapter kit. I just purchased three Samsung SH-S203b writers for CD ripping.
I found this, http://eshop.macsales.com/item/OWC/MRSFW8U3/

I was also wondering if a Lite On external enclosure would work with with a Samsung writer. (Maybe an obvious question as I cannot see why not myself).
Thanks for any help :slight_smile:


External enclosures work very well with every optical drive I have put them in. Much neater than adapters and you can leave them off when not using them. I have also used them to put ata (Pata) hard drives in to run virus checks on. I hope this info is what you are needing and helps you out. Also Welcome to the “Freaks” forum.


Agreed, and I definitely think reusing a LiteOn enclosure would help to save even if you find a cheaper enclosure to purchase.


I haven’t use a SATA enclosure for a DVD drive yet so I don’t know how much difference the chip in them makes. I have 1 SATA to harddrive enclosure & 2 SATA harddrive docks(toasters) ; I’ve had no problems with.

I have an IDE enclosure which has a Prolific chip.
It seems to do everything well except write(burn) a CD .
This is with various drives I’ve checked in it.
For DVDs I’ve found no problems.

So you will need to test the Lite On enclosure to see how it does.
If you find out which chip it has see if you can find any reviews good or bad on it.

I’ve never used one of these but I’ve seen the Vantec ones recommended several times.


Lots of people around here have recommended Vantec external enclosures. This one at Amazon is cheaper than the OWC version you found.

I have a Vantec external HDD enclosure and its a quality product.

Edit: Beaten to the punch by cholla as I looked around. Well, you have two places to shop for the Vantec enclosure now.


I didn’t try to make sure but I think Amazon is slightly cheaper .
20% off @ Newegg verses free shipping from Amazon.


Thanks for the all the info and the welcome.
I can’t seem to find out anything about the Vantec enclosure’s chipset. The OWC has chipset Initio 1615 and 3609. Lots of info on Initio products.
Not rocket science on my part to arrive at this conclusion but I think the extra cost of the OWC is reflective of their electronics :slight_smile:


Does anyone know if a product like this would be adequate/work as well as an enclosure?


[QUOTE=raynb;2759394]I was also wondering if a Lite On external enclosure would work with with a Samsung writer. (Maybe an obvious question as I cannot see why not myself).
Thanks for any help :)[/QUOTE]
It is a good idea. I have a couple of external LG drives which are currently being used as enclosures for other drives and they work very well. And I rather like the modern compact Lite-On external enclosures and it is possible (but very tricky!) to open them up and exchange drives.

But when I tried it a few years ago I ran into problems.

Lite-On mounts the plugs directly to the circuit board, so their position is fixed. Unfortunately Samsung positions the connectors on the back of these drives (both SATA & PATA) in a slightly different position to most other manufacturers, including Lite-On. Although the bare circuit board will plug into the drive, it is offset by a few millimetres and when you try to reassemble the enclosure it won’t fit.

This is a real shame as the Lite-On enclosure is much better Samsungs, which is larger, uses a multi-pin dual-voltage PSU and doesn’t have an off switch.

Which external Lite-On model do you have?


Which external Lite-On model do you have?[/QUOTE]

I don’t have a Lite On writer but was considering purchasing the one you suggested as the drive w/enclosure is cheaper than a new enclosure on its own. But I did a bunch more research on adapters and enclosures. Too many inconsistencies. I just purchased the OWC enclosure. I am tired of searching :). It appears to be a quality item with a good chipset/electronics(from what I can tell). It is pricey and I hope worth it. I read so many bad things about some other enclosures and could not find much information about their electronics. I watched a video on the Lite On enclosure and did notice how the sata connector was mounted directly to the PCB. I did not think of the “exact fit” thing though as I assumed all 5.25" writers (size and external layout) were identical. OWC seem to be very transparent in their spec sheet. I was able to find out the chipset and research it. Hope it works out.
I was on the fence about purchasing the OWC enclosure, but I can easily swap out writers if they fail so it may be worth the price. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


You shouldn’t have any problems with the plug alignment of 3rd party enclosures. All of the ones I have seen connect using cables.

That OWC enclosure looks rather nice. Most 3rd party ones use either a multi-pin dual-voltage PSU connector (hard to replace) or an internal PSU (unreliable, underpowered & need a fan). But the OWC ones look like they use the same standard 12V coaxial plug as Lite-On, LG, Plextor etc.

Tempted to get one for myself, I can’t find them anywhere in the UK. :frowning:


Thanks for the correction about the incompatibility by the way, Ibex. Always good to know these things. :slight_smile:

raynb, good luck with your OWC enclosure! Hopefully you find it to be suitable for your needs. :slight_smile:


Well I received the OWC enclosure. Wow! I am impressed. What a difference from using the slim portable LG drive. :slight_smile:


Great. :clap:

(If only they sold them in the UK. :sad:)


[QUOTE=Ibex;2760366]Great. :clap:

(If only they sold them in the UK. :sad:)[/QUOTE]

Ibex so far your suggestions/advice have been stellar. So…do you suggest the same approach for external storage. A hard drive enclosure like OWC then add a HDD of choice to it?