External enclosure/caddy w/ esata

hey all,

i’m after an external enclosure/caddy with esata connectivity on it to put a optical drive in.

Whats a good one to get?

Anywhere that sells that one in the UK?

(moreso after first Q, I can google the second :), but any help is appreciated)


I’m in USA sorry but just for your info i use a Galaxy brand external case USB/eSATA with a Samsung S203B (SATA drive) inside. eSATA with my desktop and laptop works great.

any specific model no. mate? thanks.

Similar to this one > http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817716048 as i have the older model.

Blu-ray drives don’t seem to fit in them from what i have read. Not long enough. But no problems with CD/DVD writers though.

This case will only accept SATA drives inside! Whether it be an optical or hard drive. Works with USB/eSATA connections fine.

Enclosures with eSATA / SATA are difficuilt to find. Currently I’m planning to “mod” a few of my Mapower H51 enclosures. Since I hate enclosures tih external power supplies I do not have any choice and I have to make my “own” enclosure…

I’ll exchange the bridgeboard. Since most of my H51 enclosures has the “typical” SCSI plug holes I’ll change the bridgeboard with one of these IOI boards.

As far as I understood everything correctly the FWBU2DSATA01 and UF2DSATA01 supperts eSATA in “host mode”.

With the IOI bridges every SCSI enclosure should be changed to a USB/FireWire/eSATA enclosure with IDE or SATA optical drive.

Currently I’m getting more information on it and in a few weeks I’ll buy one board for testing issues. In Germany I found a few shops. I guess in UK there are also sources.