External Enclosure: Better to set drive installed to Master or Cable select?

I have a (Prolific PL3507 Combo Device) convertable 5.25" to 3.5" external enclosure (not sure of the chipset) that is firewire or USB2. Haven’t had any issues with it using it for a spare hard drive (till the drive died) and as a spare DVDRom drive which is currently set to cable select. My question is: I’m installing a Lite-On LTC-48161H CD-RW/DVDROM combo drive that is now a spare due to some upgrades and was wondering if it would be better as cable select or master? I’m using it on a firewire port…

afaik master is always the best option

most enclosures will indicate somewhere in the instructions or on the enclosure itself if they have specific jumper requirements. different enclosures can differ

master is usually a safe bet, and then if you’re having problems, adjust from there.

All external enclosures I have encountered, via USB 1.1/2,0 have thus far all instructed to set the HDD as a Master, I beleive this is a default setting needed.

Thanks for the input!!

I’m not that sure about that…
Linky. :smiley:

Whilst it may work as a non-master and might work well, nevertheless, all the instruction manuals advised Master setting

It’s just an observation, and suggestion, I never said it was law :wink: