External Enclosure - BENQ 1620


I would appreciate if you would walk me through the steps. I’ll try anything

Also check for USB2 driver updates, I know VIA has a USB2 patch for 2000, 98 & ME. It also fixes XPSP2 / XP unknown device problems. If you have a VIA based mobo goto www.viaarena.com & download the USB2 patch for 2000 & apply it, the website says not recomended for XP but the readme says it is needed to fix problems.

Hay Guys,
We are talking about a Plumax Case with a Cypress ChipSet, therefore it doesn’t use a PL-3507. It has a Oxford ChipSet for Firewire.

No Prolific help is necessary, needs Cypress HELP…

  • IME there is no help possible w/ the Cypress ‘EZ-USB’ chip: it is dire beyond belief. Stick to the firewire interface.

Hey guys im new to the forums, my first post is a guide about 2 topics down tell me what u think.