External enclosure allows only 12x max



I have been trying to get 16x burns using a samsung se-s184m external USB case, but no go.

Nero dvd speed reports a max burst rate of 18 MB which gives a theoretical 13.8 x max.

dell inspiron 8500 award bios A08,2.4 ghz,512MB,pcmcia e-sata +seagate ST3320620AS.
Samsung se-s182m f/w SB02
Winxp sp2
aspi 4.6 + Nero Apsi

I have read many articles in the ext. enlosure forum, also all the successful external 184m 16X burns etc.

Is it my intel usb chipset ? USB drivers? Is my notebook
too slow ( Nero dvd speedtest shows an average 32% cpu

Oh, yes I have disabled All anti-virus, firewall and non-escential processes.

Can anyone kindly point me to a solution ?



Its because of the following

a) Slow USB>IDE bridge chip
b) Slow IDE bus speed (made worse by a)
c) Slow USB (never as fast as a direct connction)
d) Slow USB chipset

All of these slow down the data flow from PC to drive.

Some people have had luck using burners that support UDMA4 over their IDE bus (liteon etc), Some drives only use UDMA2 as that is all thats needed for 16x DVD writing (BenQ etc)

To remove the USB problem you may be able to use FireWire to connect the drive but you may still have a problem with a slow bridge chip that cannot convert the data from USB to IDE fast enough.

I notice you have an e-sata port on a PCMCIA card, you may want to look for a case that supports Firewire, USB and eSATA and try the eSATA connection as that is the fastest of all the connections.


On the plus side, there is very little reason to burn at anything over 12X. Most media is much better at the slower speed, will last longer, and really doesn’t save much time.


What’s weird about this thread is that I was briefly testing a Sony DRU-830X 18x writer, had a slower processor (1.8 Ghz Duron), but couldn’t get a burst rate of over 20 mb/s, so the write speed got to ~ 14.5x before it ‘crapped out.’ I’m thinking now perhaps it was this problem this poster mentioned here, since I was connecting via USB 2.0. Either way, it doesn’t matter now, since I sent the drive back.


True. I can only do 8x on both my external (USB2) burners, and since I burn mainly at 8x these days anyway, I stopped worrying about it.

If I want 12x or 16x, I’ll use either of my IDE drives.


There is no documented proof about degradation of media or longevity when burnt at 12x or 16x providing the media is certified for that given speed - In fact you will get worse burns if you burn below the certified speed especially when you are dealing with 8x media. I too would not go over 12x, but I see nothing wrong in burning 12x certified media at 12x, they will last just as long as the ones burnt at 8x, providing the media does not have any issues/defects.


After several coasters I quit using my usb burner for burning period even @ 8X & its a 16X burner. Its a fast reader though @ thats all I use it for now.


I can burn 16X DVD+R without problem on Samsung 184M USB2.


I’ve done the same. I use an older crappy Genesys IDE-to-USB controller to hook up my premium or ltr-52327S whenever I need to do CD-R stuff, but that’s about all it’s used for now. Works fine.


This is not surprising as this is a retail external drive designed and optimized to work at its rated speed.
That is different from a self-made solution.