External DVR from Pioneer?

I purchased a new Pioneer DVR 112D (external) online at meritline.com. But when I received the package I got the external DVR in a box that says Knight MAPYSI Series Aluminium external enclosure. I presume the Pioneer DVR is housed in this external enclosure (which is not from Pioneer) to make it an external drive.
Does that sound right ? Will it work fine ?
I was expecting the DVR complete with external drive and enclosure from Pioneer.
Does Pioneer make external DVRs and should I insist on a complete DVR external drive from Pioneer ?

Do you have a link so we can take a look at the wording?

This is the item that I bought -


I hate to say this but you got what you ordered.

If you look at the specs of the external case it’s right on your post #1.
Model No. Map-Y51C1

Heck plug it in and see how it performs.