External Dvr-100 USB Problems. Feedback from Pioneer!

For those of you who haven’t read my other post. I have a new DVR-100D connected to my Laptop using USB. I’m having real problems, with it bombing out EVERY time I try and burn DVDs. It “cancels” the burn either whilst burning the actual movie file or the “lead out”.

I’ve tried Phillips and Memorex DVD-R discs. same problem. Also tried burn speeds from 8x down to 1x. Same problem. I’m using Sonic Le version 5 software. My Internal DVD burner works fine. I had some feedback on my other post suggestting it could be the software I’m using.

Anway the BOTTOM LINE IS - I Rang Pioneer Tech support here in the UK.

They said THEIR DVD BURNERS ARE NOT DESIGNED TO BE RUN IN EXTERNAL ENCLOSURES !!! They reckon that it’s the conversion from, (is it ?) IDE to USB that is probably the problem. Quote “the chips that do the conversion are notoriously unrelable and slow”

They may be right but it sounds like a cope out to me. I can’t see how people are selling these things in the UK, if they will never work.
Your views/comments welcome.

Yep, it’s a cop-out. There may be some incompatibility between the drive and your particular enclosure, but a lot of us (myself included) use external boxes with our drives (Pioneer and otherwise).
Try some quality media. Don’t try Verbatim, it’s of variable quality. Try to get some real Taiyo Yuden TYG02 (even just a few sample discs to try). Phillips and Memorex leave much to be desired (both are CMC if I’m not mistaken, Memorex might be Prodisc). Try the enclosure on another machine.
As suggested, try some different software. DVDDecrypter still works great. Nero is usually free to try. Many other available, do a search.
List your external enclosure make/model. Try to find out what bridge chip it uses (take it apart, there is usually only one chip on the PCB, use a mag glass to read the serial/model numbers).

Good luck,

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