External DVDRW



I am thinking about getting a laptop at the moment (could be the IBM x40), however it does not have a DVDRW. I am wondering what external DVDRW are good, however they must not be mains powered, but be able to be powered from the laptop battry via USB 2.0.

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is there such a thing as an external burner that only needs power via USB2? i’m not sure there is…most will need a dedicated power supply…


Do you want to buy my HP 300n? It is 4X +R only, it is still going strong :smiley:


It need to be able to burn -R also, however 4x speed would be ok.
I am sure there are external DVDRW that dont require mains power, for example, Dell laptops come with a external DVDRW. The USB 2.0 port is powered.

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i trust you, just never seen one before…


I cant seem to find one either. It is also very unclear in the specifications if it needs mains power or not.

If there are no DVDRW, are there any CD-RW/DVD conbo?

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Ok, I there are deifinatly USB 2.0 slimline optical drive USB 2.0 enclosures. I am going to then put a NEC 6500 in it. However I havnt been able to find one for sale in the UK. Anybody know of one?

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