External DVDRW, Where To Start?


Basically, I am looking for a DVD±RW that is USB that has the best quality burns for the lowest price. I don’t care about the time it takes (as long as it is under 10 minutes) and DVD-RAM and so forth does not matter. I just want straight up quality dvd burning, no extra features necessary. I have been looking, but jumping into a field is overwhelming to say the least. Any suggestions would be fine. Like I said, I just want straight up dvd quality copies. And I want to stay around or (preferably) below $100. Thanks fellas. I apologize for the newbish questions but there is so much information that I need a helping hand on where to start. Happy holidays.


When Plumax dropped the Cypress and Prolific chipsets, the external case options became very limited. The best option would be to go to a packaged drive. The Liteon 165 model is a pretty good burner when you stick to Verbatim and TY media, which you should do regardless.

If you can find someone selling a Pioneer 111 in an external enclosure where they have the right chipset, it would be the first choice.

I´m also looking for an external drive. The case should be can used for other DVD-drives and it should be fast enough to use 18x-writing.

First I looked for a external enclosure, but many guys who bought something like this are disappointed with speed and compatibility

You should go look in the external enclosures thread. The only available chipset that might work would be the Oxford 911+, but I have not seen any 18X external enclosures other than factory models. If I was looking for this I would take my time.

Why walk the xtra mile and all the hassle… :slight_smile:

Better to buy a “boxed” solution, example. LG drive at link might be a good choice to start with.

I have the internal version of this “LG” drive. Even though it is not a real LG it does very well with high quality media. It is one of the earliest I had that would turn out a high quality burn MCC 03RG20 at 16X.

Thank u, I take alook at the external enc.-topic