External dvd

My external dvd is a 16x burner and it takes me about 4-5 hours to copy my dvd to my hard drive on my pc but takes about 15-30 mins to burn… how comes it takes soo long to copy to my HD???

Specs: intel 1.50ghz
256mb of ram
Philips spd3100l external dvd burner
usb 2.0 port

Are you absolutely sure the USB is USB 2.0? I had a P4 only a bit older than yours (1.4gig), and the USB port on that mobo was only 1.1…

I just bought a 2.0 usb dual port. so yes I am sure

OK. Can you put a burned disc into your external drive, fire up CD-DVD Speed (click blue link to download), and tell us the Burst Rate? Choose your external in the drop down drive menu at the top first.

You can find that out by going to Run Test -> Burst Rate (from the drop down menu).

Should show the result as xx MB/s where xx = number.

lt says 21mb/s

Hmm, that should be good enough for a 12x or 16x burn in decent time. It’s better than mine, I can only get something like 17 MB/s and 8x burns on both my externals.

OK. Can you check if all your drives inside the PC have “UDMA Mode xx” as the Current Transfer Mode? As per this thread.

yea they are in UDMA mode

Sounds like you might have a defective drive. I have the same DVD burner and have no such issue…