External DVD writer with built-in PSU

i missed this page
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i remake my question:

is there any auto-powered external dvd writer ?
I suppose no

but who knows

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Are you thinking of a unit that will copy without a computer? If not, all external burners have their own power supply so I am not sure what you are asking.


he is thinking of an external drive without an external PSU, but an internal one in order to minimize the cable mess.


totally right mciahel

i don t think there is some

never mind

still hesitatin between a slim internal dvd writer for my dell 6400 or an external dvd writer like the samsung

i want one (external) which is able to burn fat and well
and according to the review, the samsung seems to be good
tough i have read a french review saying the samsung writer was not burning at the maximum speed

thank u for your advice

here is a french review translated into english

original link here: http://www.01net.com/fiche-produit/prise-main-1002/graveurs-dvd-samsung-supermulti-lightscribe-se-s184m/

apparently it is essential to have a quite powerfull machine:

his external dvd writer 18x does it beat really records speed?
What can one wait of an external engraver known as high-speed who also allows to personalize your DVD LightScribe?
David Nogueira, 08/11/2006 with 15h45
The promise
According to Samsung, its SuperMulti LightScribe SE-S184M, is an writer of high-speed external DVD and not expensive. On paper, it is well the case: 18x for the engraving of DVD and even 12x for the DVD-RAM. The originality does not stop there since this external model is - as its reference indicates it - compatible LightScribe. It is able thus to personalize your media by serigraphy. We chose to burn some media to check the data lying on the chart.

We did not encounter any problem of installation for this writer of DVD both for the software part the material part. The SE-S184M is delivered with the continuation of burning Nero Express 6, offering all the necessary one to engrave its DVD or CD in any kind, to improve or read its vidéos: Nero BackItUp, Vision express train, Re-code, showtime and InCD4.

Our tests related only to the two points which appear to us most frequently used by general public: the wrting of DVD and the personalization of the media thanks to LightScribe technology. We did not test ourselves indeed with the traditional CD burning. This mode than being more succeeded and effective at the near total of the manufacturers.

Before beginning our tests and in order to ensure us that this model is as well as possible of its form, we decided to check the availability of a new Firmware. Very practical, the manufacturer adds on CD of installation, a direct bond accessible towards the service on line from Samsung for the update of his products. This stage was not without interest, because we found a new version of the Firmware, which settled automatically. First good point!

A greedy writer in resources
Our first tests were shown not very convincing. Indeed, we installed engraver on our machine of work, a LED Optiplex GX280, using a processor Pentium 3.2 Ghz with 512 Mo of memory. E there, catastrophe! The machine is severely slowed down, one gives up even the idea to do anything of other at the same time as engraving.

For final and without touching with the PC, it will be necessary nearly 22 minutes for the engraver to burn 4,5 Go of data on a DVD+R certified 16x (for lack of media certified 18x, a rare food product). The performances are not thus at all with go since one borders little the performances of an engraver 4x of antan. Exasperated and anxious as for the performances of this model, we chose to pass to the serious things by making a new test on a monster of war: the portable PC Sony Vaio VGN-AR21S.

Under this configuration, one is delighted. Good surprise, for this engraving on a DVD+R Verbatim, however certified 16x, the Nero software automatically detected that the 18x mode nevertheless was supported. The software thus used this speed for engraving, that is to say a theoretical rate of transfer of 24.300 KB a second. Only six minutes later, our some 4,5 Go of data are filed.

After calculation, one realizes that speed in test is thus far announced theoretical speed, since one reaches only one real speed of 9,2x. One will be satisfied some however, because only six minutes to engrave its DVD, it is more than correct! Still it will be necessary that the computer is rather powerful.

Quid of LightScribe? First of all, for the people having only one very tiny knowledge of this technology, the Samsung manufacturer integrated a true teachware. In addition to the provided explanations, this one guides you in the realization of your serigraphy to the laser. Useless thus to speak about it here.

During our tests, we did not have the impression that this technology really evolved/moved. Lorsuqe had tested we it last year on an internal engraver of mark Lite one, it had taken us approximately twenty minutes to engrave the complete surface of the media with photographs and text. Force is to note that nothing changed!

However, returned is always also convincing. Most delicate oneself the image is still to create which one wishes to engrave on the DVD. With some knowledge as regards photo software, all occurs well, thanks to the intuitive interface of Nero Cover Design. One can rather easily integrate photographs and texts. It is even possible to add an image captured directly since an external source such as a webcam or a scanner.
The verdict
With final, in spite of the material requirements of the writer, we were convinced by its performances. Last strong point and not of least: its price, 69 € including all taxes, only! An aubaine for a high-speed external model and compatible LightScribe.


this one gets it’s power from usb

so there is no need for a power supply

Hi robusta

I understand why you’d like to have a case with internal power supply. I would buy an internal drive you like and you’d want, and than put it in an external case with build in power supply.

Mapower H51 case: http://www.mapower.com/Product.asp?CateID=51&LineID=2
This case should be available as USB case and (maybe as combo). But currently the combos are not very good to get (here in Germany).

Mapower Snowline http://www.macpower.com.tw/products/opticall/
This case should also be available as USB and combo.

Only as an information: I have 6 Mapower H51C1 cases with USB and Firewire. The cases are aluminium cases, only the front is plastic. I like the style of this case.