External DVD-Writer Questions

OK a mate of mine wants to get a external dvd writer, it needs to have very good to excellent cd and dvd writing but there is not that meny reviews on externals.

Now is the Sony DRX-810UL the same as the DRU-810A if so am i right in guessing that the external is just as good as the internal as that got a very good write up.Also looking at the Plextor PX-750UF,LiteOn SOHW-1673SX and LG GSA 2166D, what are these like and do they have a internal equivalent internal drive and if so do they preform the same as the internal version.

All drives should be as good as their internal counterparts, they’re the same on the inside. The Sony is a BenQ 1640, which is a great drive. The Plextor 750 is a BenQ/TEAC DQ60, and is not a very good choice. The Lite-On 1673SX should be the same as the 1673S, which is a couple drives old. As for the LG, I’m not sure, someone else should know.

So the external version of a internal will have the same numbers in the name ? like with the sony for example DRX-810UL and DRU-810A, both having 810 in the name. But what about the ones that dont have the same numbers like the LG GSA 2166D for example im guessing its a external version of a internal but theres no internal LG with 2166 in there name.

Are there any sites that have a list of drive which tell you whats what i.e has the internal drive then next to in the name of the external version?

I’m gonna guess it’s an LG 4167B on the inside, due to the fact that they have the same specifications listed here:


I have the LG 2166D and it is the same as the 4166. The 4167 does not have lightscribe.

I just bought a Sony 810UL and crossflashed to a BenQ164BEGB and I am very happy with the drive. It has a burst rate of 24mbs and rips and writes at a full 16X.

Hope you are happy alan1476, that’s what really matters. :slight_smile:

To be honest we haven’t seen that many 16x burns from your “new external” drive. Yes, you say it and the drive “says it”, but looking at this post:disagree:

Why not go for an internal drive and use an IDE2USB2 adaptor? I’ve had no problems doing so, the internal drives are cheaper, and you get more choice…

Hey with my bad nvidia ide drivers it only took 20 minutes to burn a disk at 8x.

Forgot to mention the best reason for using an adaptor with an internal drive: Drives evolve so fast these days, there are always newer and better ones being released all the time. If you use an adaptor you just buy the latest internal drive and just plug it in. When it becomes damaged or outdated, you just repeat the process. Good quality external drives are still relatively expensive, bulky and heavy, and and once you buy one you’re basicaly stuck with it…