I’m getting error message ’ USB has malfuctioned and is not recognised ’ wheni plug in my IBM external DVD RW Drive .
It was working fine , then i lost the usb adaptor , bought a new one , now i get the error.

The device is a plug and play , when i first bought it i did not need to install software as it is plug and play .

This error either means the device is broken or the computer is not recognising the device due to compatibility / driver issues.

The device was working fine and has not been bumped or droped so i doubt it’s the first option .

It seems a bit coincidental that the device fails when i bought a new usb lead , the lead is working ok and is the same usb lead as before.

I’ve tried looking for drivers but to no avail.

I’ve also tried unplgging device , tried different ports and restarted computer .


@ crazyface,

Explain in detail exactly what this “USB Adaptor” actually is and provide the Name and Model Number of this “USB Adaptor”.

Also provide the Name and Model Number of the “External DVD RW Drive Not Working”.

The below Web Page Link “How do I get into Windows Device Manager” details how to access the Device Manager ->

With the “USB Adaptor” and the “External DVD RW Drive Not Working” installed go into Windows Device Manager look under “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”.

When in “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” provide the Full Complete name of ALL the items that are listed. Are there any Yellow or Red “Explanation Marks” displayed? If so ‘Right Click’ on the item and then ‘Left Click’ on ‘Properties’ and under ‘Device Status’ provide the ‘Error Code’ that is displayed.


here is a picture :


In the device manager i do not have a ’ Hardware ’ Option .

I’m on vista , will it be under another option ?

@ crazyface,

Suggest reviewing the below Web Links for information on how to Open Windows Vista Device Manager ->


It should be noted that I easily found the above Web Links by simply using Google Search (http://www.google.com) and typing in “Vista Device Manager”. Perhaps you should note the usefulness of Google Search.

Once you access the Vista Device Manager “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” provide ALL the information as requested in posting #2.

Unfortunately your e B a y referenced Link lacks pertinent information – it does not provide the Model Number of External Burner Drive. Physically inspect your External Burner Drive and provide the Model Number of your External Burner Drive. Also if the ‘User Manual’ is available the External Burner Drive Model Number should be provided.

Also as previously requested explain in detail exactly what this “USB Adaptor” actually is and provide the Name and Model Number of this “USB Adaptor”.


USB powered external burners are not recommended. External burner’s require more power than the USB interface was designed to provide.

While such devices “work”, because it is operating out of specification, damage to either the device or the USB ports on the motherboard is likely to occur with continued use.

Are you plugging it directly into a port on the computer, or a hub? If it’s a hub, is the hub powered?

I have inspected both the USB adaptor and the external disc drive , they have no serial numbers or model numbers.

The picture i have provided you of the device and the adaptor should be sufficient for you .

It is a usb adaptor and fits straight into the usb port.

I have just reinstalled windows and it is still not working .#

I’m thinking the drive itself is broken.

@ crazyface,

Once again explain in detail exactly what this “USB Adaptor” actually is that you keep making reference to. Forum Members are having difficulty fully understanding exactly what an “USB Adaptor” is. What is this “Adaptor” adapting? Make a clarifying definitive statement explaining in detail exactly what this “USB Adaptor” is.

Perchance are calling the USB (Universal Serial Bus) Cable that connects your “IBM Dual Layer DVD±RW External Burner Drive” to your Computer the “USB Adaptor”?

If so when you purchased another USB Cable to replace the USB Cable you lost are you certain that the replacement USB Cable your purchased was in fact a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Cable? There are some older USB 1.0 Cables and if you inadvertently substituted an older USB 1.0 Cable for a USB 2.0 this could be the cause of your problem.

For reference suggest reviewing the below Web Page Link for USB 1.0 and USB 2.0 Cables ->

Also it should be noted that the particular “IBM USB2.0 Dual Layer DVD±RW External Burner Drive” you have referenced in posting #3 is a Slim Line Burner. SlimeLine USB external Burners are poor performers and Slim Line USB external Burners do not comply with Universal Serial Bus (USB) power usage specification requirements. There are horror stories of Slim Line USB external Burners drawing excessive power beyond the Universal Serial Bus power specifications and destroying Computer Motherboard Universal Serial Bus circuitry. When using USB external Burners the only acceptable burners are half-height (1.75” height) drives - half-height (1.75” height) USB external drives meet the Universal Serial Bus power specifications and do not destroy Computer Motherboard Universal Serial Bus circuitry.

If the Computer is a Laptop/NoteBook Computer SlimeLine USB external Burners pose a more serious potential hazard because Laptop/NoteBook Computer motherboards are not as robust as Desktop Computers and cannot tolerate excessive Universal Serial Bus power draws.