External DVD+-RW drive can not read CD




I just bought 2 I/O magic external 8x DVD dual format drives. Both drives burn DVD+R well, (and play well too). However, BOTH drive can not read or even recgnize CD. I insert a commercial CD and it did not even know there is a CD in hte drive. It can not read data CD either, putting in a blank CD for writing but it keep complaining that need to insert a CD …

Any body know what is wrong with my drives? Do I lucky enough to get 2 bad drives at the same time? and both fail the same way that can not read CD?

I wonder my USB2 port may have problem but all DVD are read/write fine. I connect both drives to my other notebook/desktop and none of them can read the CD contents.

Any help is very appreciated.

Thanks a lot


Hi Albert

Could you post the Model Name and the firmware version of these two drivers ? (You can see the Model name and firmware version by using CD/DVD speed).


Hi, the model is DVDRW-USB1008UI. After I can not read CD, I use LiveUpdate to flash the firmware to latest 0159 but still no help. I don’t remember the original firmware version, somethig like 0058?



Hi Albert

The problem is the disc can’t get ready ? You can try it by using a CD-ROM disc and see the drive can read it or not. If not, I think maybe you need return the drive, as I know some 1008 drives have CD laser diode broken issue.


Hi Pence.Ko,
Thanks for your reply. I try the CD-ROM, a purchased classical music CDs and some driver discs come with my other printer/drives/… and non of them are readable. I think I have to return them. :frowning: The thing that is wierd is that I bought 2 drives and the same time (1 was supposed to be gift) and both can not read CD/CDR/CD-ROM …