External DVD-ROMs for laptop use via USB

I’ve got a Matshita DVD-RAM in my new ThinkPad T-60p, which I thought was the cat’s meow until I found that there does not seem to be any way to get around the 4-change of regions limit for viewing DVD movies. I’ve looked everywhere and have not found any good news. It seems this particular DVD-RAM has neither any firmware update nor is it possible to use software to make it “region-free”.

My only choice now is to buy another external DVD player and plug into my USB, and it seems logical that a simple DVD-ROM would be the choice, since all I need the device for is to watch DVD movies from different regions; I don’'t need to write anything.

Is there a list of DVD-ROMs that are easily and cheaply made into “region-free”??

I’m getting desperate. Thanks.


You cound buy any dvd as it decodes region as soon as you put the disc in.no need to alter the drive at all

No way with Matshita drives.

The older Liteon ROM drives had a neat little bug; each time I flashed the firmware it reset the number of times I could set the region. Possibly the current Liteons are the same?

Drive here

Firmware here

Case here

LtnRPC here

No need, there is Ltnrpc for that.

I figured there was a Liteon hack for that.


Get a Liteon (or Sony or Philips rebadge*) drive. With Kprobe or LtnRPC you can set the drive region free as you want, without using any hacked firmware.


*) see http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares.html#cat_dvdrom